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Adora Winquist
Wellness Retreats: Here’s Why

Wellness Retreats: Here’s Why

2022 brings the long-awaited return to celebration, community, connectedness and travel. The past few years have been trying, and inflicted more emotional, physical and mental turmoil on us than we will ever fully comprehend.  There has never been a better time to invest in a retreat than now; so much more than a vacation, wellness retreats are a journey for the self and an opportunity to take the time to reflect, enrich and rejuvenate your life.

Adora Winquist,  a wellness retreat specialist, modern World-Renowned Alchemist, aromatherapy expert, and Author of Detox, Nourish, Activate: Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love, offers the following insights on why retreats are so essential. So whether it’s a mediation, spa, spiritual, wellness, adventure, detox or yoga retreat, take a read:

“Do you feel as if you’ve been stuck? As if the world and those around you are changing without you? Are you tired of the same patterns repeating in your health, relationships, career, and bank account despite your desire for change? Are you healing from a chronic or acute health diagnosis? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to join a wellness retreat”, says Adora.  ”Think about a space where women can shed the layers of trauma, social expectations, fears, and other low vibrational thoughts that prevent them from embodying their true, beautiful feminine, goddess nature. An environment that is a harmonious mix of play, laughing, openness, addressing suffering, and developing enduring skills to support healing along life’s journey”. 

The goal of feminine wellness retreats is for women to come together to heal, rest, recharge, and connect.  Experts in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and spatial wellness can offer you an opportunity to experience life changing interventions and discover your path towards self-mastery and happiness.

6 reasons why wellness retreats are so important:

1. Ignite Inspiration:

Zoom fatigue, home school, home offices and a varied number of additional life stressors have left many of us feeling stuck, overwhelmed with elements of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and feeling a general sense of listlessness, frustration and dissatisfaction. When we are inspired we are engaged with life. Retreats help reignite your passion, purpose and inspiration and celebrate the beauty of life in all its forms. You get to immerse yourself in creativity and connections to awaken the joie de vivre, the joy of life, that exists innately within you.

2. Connect in Community:

When was the last time you sang, danced and laughed with others of like mind in community? We long to share the stories of our life journey with others, it is part of our DNA and it is how we heal and evolve collectively. There is great magic that unfolds when those of like mind and resonance unite and your unique experiences become augmented by another. From meditation to movement to ceremony and co-creating with the elements, you will feel the sense of freedom and communion that comes from a welcoming, compassionate community and the remembrance of being part of the whole. Enjoy the delight of glorious and healthy meals prepared for you so you can experience being deeply cared for and nourished.

3. Immerse in Nature:

Surrounding ourselves in nature is one of the greatest healing gifts available. The elements of earth, air, water and fire have volumes to teach us about ourselves and the beautiful pathways of empowerment that exist within us. You will experience levels of awakening and transformation through the alchemy of nature that will sustainably shift and expand your understanding of your path and purpose in this life. You will take home new skills and applications of this wisdom to apply to your modern day life to magnetize greater health, intuition and abundance.

4. Accessible Tools & Techniques:

Just as the Earth is evolving, we are too. New tools and techniques are imperative for us to live the highest and most vibrant life. Our soul work and spiritual growth requires accessibility and practicality just as it requires an open mind and heart. Experience practical tools and techniques to embody innovative ways of being, manifesting, balancing and activating vibrant health including high immunity and harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to curate your internal and external environment to co-create your highest life experience of joy and vitality. 

5. Heal to Illuminate:

A wellness retreat offers you time to heal. Healing the past allows you to craft a new story for your future. As you clear old patterns of limitations from your belief systems, emotional body, mental constructs, and your cellular consciousness, you will source a deeper connection within. Healing at the core and DNA level elevates your physical vitality, emotional intelligence, and your spiritual understanding of life and your place within it.

6. Claim Your Joy:

We are pulled into more directions at once than we can count. It seems that in a moment our joy, lifeforce and energy can be zapped. Only you have the ability to say yes to yourself but saying no to all those areas of life that do not serve you. The freedom is within you to give yourself permission to put yourself first. You deserve to embody health and happiness on every level. Claim your joy, claim your greatness and protect it fiercely. We have but one life to live. It goes by so much more quickly than we can comprehend. True fulfillment comes from living without regret. The paramount realization that time is our most precious resource can come none too soon. It is our love, the fulfillment of our souls and beings that we take with us.  Carpe Diem, seize the moment and join a wellness treatment this year!  Try the Divine Feminine Immersion Retreat in Boone, North Carolina, Oct 27-30, 2022, for a life changing experience.

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