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Anne M. Rensberger, LICSW
Ten Steps To Losing Weight

Ten Steps To Losing Weight

From the overweight child to the obese senior citizen, weight management issues affect people of all ages, economic backgrounds, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Like many conditions, there are many causes and contributors to obesity. For some people being overweight is not just the result of overeating or inactivity. Why can some people eat what they want and not gain weight while others exercise and diet and still struggle to control their weight?
Causative factors cited have been as diverse as the role of genetics, malfunctioning hormones and neuropeptides, fat cells, medical conditions, viruses, excess food intake, shift work, stress, lack of physical activity, social dynamics, psychological adaptations, psychiatric and neurological conditions, advertising, and serving size. But despite the multitude of causes there are just as many interventions available today to help individuals lose weight. Even with a genetic predisposition for obesity or faulty metabolic regulators there are ways of making adjustments in eating patterns and in sustaining efforts to enable each individual to override these.
1. Dont be so hard on yourself. If your body made losing weight easy you would have done it by now. Do go to a sympathetic physician to make certain there is nothing medically interfering with your weight loss.
2. Give up the notion of a quick or effortless journey to a healthier body.
3. Reframe your thinking from one of self-criticism to one of retraining your eating and activity patterns.
4. Find an eating plan. There are many healthy diets out there, and some fit your lifestyle and food preferences better than others.
5. Dont give up everytime you mess up. Figure out what happened, figure out what you will do differently in that situation next time, and get back to it.
6. Figure out your hardest challengesperpetual pizza at the office, thinking of vacations as an excuse to eat everything in sight, eating out, eating when under stress, mindless eating in front of the TV, and then make a plan to “solve” each problem.
7. Hang out with people supportive of your efforts, and ask those who are not supportive to realize what they are doing and stop.
8. Hate to exercise? Then build activity of any kind into your life in tiny increments. March in place while the microwave is heating your lunch. Schedule five or ten-minute walk breaks during the day and just walk around the office or in the halls.
9. Enjoy the little achievements along the way”shopping” in your closet for those old clothes you can now get back into.
10. Enjoy the positive attention as you lose weight because once you are a “normal” size your weight will not attract attention either positive or negative. You will just be you, and thats not bad, is it?

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