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Robert Waters, CMT
Why Exercise Is Important With Endermologie
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Why Exercise Is Important With Endermologie

The appearance of puckered, dimply skin caused by cellulite is a major aesthetic concern to those affected by this physically harmless, but unsightly condition. Cellulite's bumpy appearance, especially in the buttocks, leg, and thighs, occurs in about 85 to 90% of all women at some point in their lifetime, no matter their shape, size or age.

Treating Cellulite

The connective tissue below the skin contains fat cells, but a combination of age, environmental factors, genetics, poor circulation and lifestyle choices can all have a damaging effect on that tissue. When the body's blood supply, which carries oxygen and nutrients, is not able to reach the upper skin layers, that connective tissue becomes rigid. While diet and exercise affect deep fat deposits, they fail to act on cellulite in the hypodermis layer of the skin. As a result, even women who exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet may still have cellulite.

Treating cellulite successfully requires a combination of dedication, education and understanding of cellulite and the determination to make long-term lifestyle changes especially with regard to exercise. The development of Endermologie treatment machines the first non-invasive devices approved by the FDA specifically for reducing the appearance of cellulite brought innovation to the cellulite treatment industry, but the addition of a regular program of exercise can improve or extend positive treatment results.

Exercise Benefits

When tackling the problem of cellulite, a good approach is to fight it as one would fight overall body fat. Regular, vigorous exercise will not only boost a sluggish metabolism, it will increase muscle tone, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. Fat cells are particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of fluids and toxins usually flushed out by the lymphatic system. Little to no exercise can cause that system to slow, swelling fat cells with trapped toxins and producing cellulite.

While most types of exercise will help build muscle and reduce fat, targeting specific body areas with cellulite deposits usually involves a form of resistance training combined with calorie-burning cardio and general fitness exercises.

Regular exercise and Endermologie treatments, which also relieve muscle aches, pains and spasms while temporarily improving blood circulation in the areas treated, can create a formidable assault on the appearance of cellulite. While there are no quick and easy fixes for reducing the appearance of cellulite, adding a regular program of exercise to Endermologie treatment and optimizing a healthy diet is more than half the battle.

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