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Ayssa Dantzler, Owner
The Power Of Dynamic Stretch
The Stretching Boutique
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The Power Of Dynamic Stretch

The Power Of Dynamic Stretch

In the ecosystem of fitness, many people are aware of and partake in three main types of physical activity: aerobic, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening. However, there is a forgotten fourth – stretch and flexibility. Regardless of your physical lifestyle patterns, anyone can benefit from a good stretch.

For example, let’s look at the gym over-doers and the habitual sitter. The over-doers are the fitness fanatics. Their focus is strength and aerobic activities but are lackadaisical with stretching. Then there are the habitual sitters. They sit while commuting to and from work, sit while working, sit when eating dinner, and sit while watching TV. Most of their day is inactivity.

Although the over-doer and the habitual sitter fall on opposite sides of the activity spectrum, routine patterns from either group can create body imbalances that result in muscle tightness, compressed joints, and pain. Both groups can benefit from full-body stretching that works through all joints and releases tight muscles.

Flexibility trainer and Essentrics Dynamic Stretch creator, Miranda Esmonde-White, says Essentrics dynamic stretching leaves the body feeling lighter, stronger, taller, and instantly relaxed. She shares that the range of motion and rebalancing stretching exercises are designed to maintain posture, muscle, and joint health. She further states that Essentrics dynamic stretching helps improve overall circulation and have tremendous benefits on two of your most vital organs: the heart and the brain. Feeling aches and pains? A dynamic stretch class might be the answer.

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