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Toni Greene, Owner
Simply Weight Control
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Simply Weight Control

Simply Weight Control

Weight control, or any control, is a consciousness effort. However, unconsciously you eat or do whatever you are unconscious about. Control can be controlled. Weight loss starts with the truth within the self. You tell yourself you want to lose weight or that you are going to lose weight and you do. Then you tell yourself, “see, I knew I could lose weight”. Then you tell yourself, because you lost weight you can splurge a little with the dessert, or white sugar.

White sugar is another conscious unconscious decision, we make. We all know that white sugar is a form of an addiction like food. We are aware of the salts and sugars in our food that drives our brain into overdrive and our bodies into a toxic state and a craving for the food of choice (or habit) occurs.

The truth is, you need help in controlling your tongue, mouth, brain, and cravings which cause low willpower. Willpower comes from the brain and your core, your belly, stomach, gut. Willpower is the ability to ignore or divert the signal your brain is sending you toward the object you wanted and no longer desire.

If only it could be that simple. If only you could unconsciously not eat what you use to crave or desire. Wouldn’t that be nice to simply forget that you were addicted to (whatever it is) or was?

Hypnosis, is a tool whereby we remind ourselves consciously that we didn’t eat unconsciously (habit). Hypnosis does not control your mind; hypnosis helps you control your own mind (awareness). Hypnosis helps you to bypass the critical factors of your mind. Hypnosis helps you to get out of the way of the self.

Schedules of your daily activities help you to be mindful or your active times and you’re down time during the day, month or year, when you’ll most likely snack. Vacations, birthday parties or any celebration or non-celebration is always a good reason to eat.

Eating is fun and food is good. Food is pleasurable, nourishing, healing, calming, and therapeutic. Food is a way to change the mental, physical, and emotional state (mood). With awareness of your present state you are able to stay in the positive state of breath and mind thereby controlling your own mind with your own breath and awareness that brings about the results you want desire and dreamed of.

Food is healing when you become aware (conscious) of the foods you are consuming and for what purpose. Be mindful (aware) of the purpose of the foods you are consuming. Be mindful of the nourishments of the body, as well as the pleasure of the tongue. For what purpose are you consuming the foods you used to be addicted too?

Weight control is easy with the help of the power of powerful suggestions with hypnosis.

“Let’s eat to live” our best life is now.

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