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Helen A. Bramow, MA, BCH
Why We Gain Weight: Using Gentle Hypnosis To Balance the Mind and Body
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Why We Gain Weight: Using Gentle Hypnosis To Balance the Mind and Body

There are many reasons why people gain weight stress and stress hormones, genes, viruses especially herpes, cultural eating habits and foods, food preferences, cravings, mood swings, aging, and just life. Also, aging naturally tends to add pounds yearly, as our bodies slow down, our habits don’t, and we may be eating more.

In the healing business, it isn’t really necessary to why, but to change things for the better. And, learning to relax is part of hypnosis, it’s called “self-hypnosis”. So, while motivation, determination, will power and of course, exercise are great, added life stresses often intervene and we tend to seek more relief. And, many people, especially women, tend to be stress eaters, feeding our emotions, to balance themselves.

Of course, there is a better way relax, breathe, take it easy instead. Try out some gentle hypnosis, which is really like meditating, and ultimately very relaxing. It’s what the body really needs, deserves and craves not food. Sometimes, though, our minds and emotions get really overworked, and then the body takes over. The body doesn’t know better, and mind should really be in control, but the stresses of life often intervene.

So why not try out gentle hypnosis to help the body and mind? Hypnosis, like meditation, does the body good, it helps to put the mind back in the driver’s seat and allow us to face our daily stresses without all the bumps along the roadway. And, while it has had greatest success with both weight loss and smoking cessation, hypnosis is also very well known for many other things and simply helps us find inner balance and self-control. Edgar Cayce said the mind is the master builder, and the body is storage. What are you storing in your body? Emotions as well as physical substances can be toxic to the physical body, and hypnosis is also known to be a great healing tool for practitioners.

Hypnosis as a healing tool is perhaps the very best modality and easiest to learn (self-hypnosis) to assist in bringing balance back to busy, hectic, stressful lives, and it also as a bonus, allows and provides for deep healing work. In fact, many hypnotists believe themselves to be healers for this very reason, just ask them.

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