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Venetta Kalu, CNS, ND, MPHA
Important Reasons For Detoxification
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Important Reasons For Detoxification

Important Reasons For Detoxification

Now is the time to start working on detoxing not only to prepare for unveiling the body during the summer show-and-tell season, but to also boost health and immunity. There are many reasons for engaging in detoxification. However, the major reasons are for rejuvenation, boosting energy, and optimizing the health status.

There are so many things that are introduced into our daily lives that destroy these bodies that we live in. Now, in our current situation, a well-designed detox program that aims to boost and restore your immune system, as well as cleanse your lymphatic system and give your cells a good total body cleansing is helpful in many respects to optimize health.

Various types of detoxification methods are practiced around the world for some important reasons other than weight loss, such as:

#1: Environmental Pollutants

Foreign substances that are inhaled and/or ingested daily into the respiratory system can irritate the lungs. Environmental exposure can be found in these areas:

  1. Exposure to chemicals that flow in and out of cars such as exhaust, toluene, benzene, second-hand cigarette smoke, air conditioning chemicals, and if you have a new car, then there are the chemicals from the new car smell.
  2. Pesticides and herbicides in food
  3. In personal care products such as shampoo, cologne, perfume, soap, lotion, detergent, and fabric softener
  4. Lawn care chemicals, house cleaning chemicals, and pesticides

We need to be more aware of the level of exposure we face every day of our lives.

#2: Stress On the Body

Another reason to perform total body detoxification is because of chronic stress on the body. Chronic stress is a major problem that comes from constant pressure and different life factors that it takes to live. Everyday stressors with no ease can take a toll on the body in the form of illness, annoying aches and pains, and varying degrees of sicknesses. Unnecessary stressors and pressure can cause even the healthiest person to experience a system break.

These are two major reasons that warrant participation in a body detoxification program. There are many programs available to choose from. However, the question also remains what exactly needs to be done in order to perform a body detoxification. If you are enthusiastic about having a better and healthy body, then one of the things that you may need would be to talk to someone who specializes in detoxification and has well-structured detox programs complete with videos and handouts and is also available for assistance and to answer questions to maximize the results you experience. A good detoxification program will encompass herbs, fresh fruit and vegetable juicing, cleansing, fasting, some supplements, and a maintenance plan.

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