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Don’t Stop, Swap Em’ Out!
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Don’t Stop, Swap Em’ Out!

Don’t Stop, Swap Em’ Out!

Oftentimes losing weight can feel like an impossible challenge, especially when there are so many advertisers pushing fad diets that offer the magic pill to weight loss or the panacea weight loss plan. Many fad diets suggest removing critical components from eating patterns to include certain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Keep in mind removal of vital nutrients may result in nutritional deficiencies in the body. Also remain vigilant of the fad diet hooks that’s aimed to reel in the unsuspecting, such as:

  • Promise of super-fast weight loss
  • Weight loss in specific parts of the body
  • Requires intake of specific foods
  • One-size-fits-all eating regiment

Looking for healthier food choices to support the weight loss journey but not willing to sacrifice taste? Don’t stop enjoying the good tasting stuff, just swap em’ out!  Find the balance. Trade-off a little of high caloric foods with low caloric foods.

Food selection can remain yummy and nutritious. According to health.gov, this list and tips of food swaps improves eating patterns and provides enjoyable food alternatives. No, food swaps are not specific only to salads. Give it a try – the swap outs may be more enjoyable to taste buds.  

Cut down on saturated fats:

  • Twice a week, have seafood instead of fatty cuts of meat for dinner
  • Make chili or stew. Reduce the amount of meat and add more beans and vegetables

Cut down on added sugars:

  • Choose whole fruit or water instead of juice 
  • Have homemade fruit smoothie instead of ice cream

Cut down on sodium (salt):

  • Switch to unsalted nuts
  • Shift from regular canned soups to low sodium

Use oils instead of solid fats:

  • Dip whole-wheat bread in olive oil instead of spreading on butter 
  • Choose an oil-based salad dressing instead of cream-based

Cut down on processed meat:

  • Veggie pizza instead of pepperoni pizza

Following these clever food swaps help improve eating patterns and helps shed some extra pounds. Enjoy and happy eating.

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