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Marcia B. Levi, DC
Celebrate You! Let’s Move!
Optimal Care Chiropractic

Celebrate You! Let’s Move!

When was the last time you had a party for yourself? A full dance party with all the moves? Just for you.
If you answered just recently to the question then you are right on track. Our bodies need us to have regular parties for it. Not just any party but a real moving and shaking party.
Yesterday, I opened a letter from the White House. It was from the First Lady Michelle Obama and I was delighted to have her respond to a letter I had written in February. Why I wrote to Mrs. Obama you might ask it was in response to her support of the Let’s Move! campaign, and my interest in minimizing childhood obesity.
If you go to the website for the Let’s Move! Campaign you will have access to lots of great information about childhood obesity. The focus is on the community and our families as they help children to get and stay active. The general concern right now is that our children’s health is not as well as ours at their age. It is to be noted that not every child is obese but if they are not moving as much as they need to everyday the joints that support their body may still be in trouble.
I am particularly interested in the effect of the excess weight on a person’s spine. The spine protects the nervous system and the nervous system controls every function in the body. We know that over time any joint stressed will fail. Before those joints fail they often become misaligned and create pressure wherever they are located. We also know that in order to repair some joints of the body a surgeon has to believe that the surgery will have great success in improving a person’s health.
As a chiropractor I know when spinal joints aren’t moving right they can choke or irritate nearby nerves causing pain, numbness, tingling and a variety of other symptoms. Our chiropractic adjustments done by hand are used to add or replace normal motion to these stuck joints. The results of the chiropractic adjustment are to reduce the nervous system’s disruption. We want you to be in great health so let us move.
Let us move to reduce obesity and to keep our joints “oiled.” Have a party. Play some music and dance. Go for a walk. If you are wheelchair bound or paraplegic work your upper body. If you are quadriplegic and can move your head or eyebrows please move. If you have full use of all of your limbs keep moving and move more often.
Caution! It is important to schedule a chiropractic examination prior to starting any workout program. We find specific areas you should target through exercise to correct postural imbalances and improve body function and motion along with correcting any misalignments. If you want a checkup before you start moving please make an appointment to be evaluated by your chiropractor.

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