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Jennifer Robin Musiol, C-RNP
Chemical Sensitivities? Try Epigenetic Healing
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Chemical Sensitivities? Try Epigenetic Healing

Multiple chemical sensitivities can include a wide range of symptoms including headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion, itching, chest pain, breathing problems, muscle pain, stomach issues, mood changes and more.

You know who you are because you are suffering, have tried many things, spent much money and are still without an answer to your anguish.

With epigenetic testing (via a mouth swab) you can identify if one parent or both passed faulty genes to you that can be corrected with natural supplements to treat your issues.


Epigenetic testing can detect if you have problems shutting off inflammation.

There are 15 genes that we know of which turn inflammation on and off in our body. Inflammation helps heal our body but if you can’t turn it off, it is like a fire that destroys parts of our body and can cause chronic pain, heart disease, autoimmune issues and cancer.

The solution is specific precision nutrition just for your genetic issues.

Some important genes that you may have inherited problems in are: IL5, IL13, STAT4 and CTLA4. These are easily identified with a simple mouth swab.


Epigenetic testing can detect whether you are unable to clear the waste from your cells resulting in diabetes, premature aging, neurological disorders and fatigue.

Also, epigenetic testing can detect genetic flaws that make you unable to provide fuel for your body to function (methylation).

What’s Methylation?

There are >15 genes responsible for getting essential vitamins into the cells. More than 40% of us have a mutation in one or more of these genes. And if you can’t get nutrition into your cells you could suffer with:

Migraines, vertigo

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia



Anxiety disorders, depression, bi-polar

Food sensitivities

Diabetes, hypothyroid, chronic auto-immune issues

and more…

What Should You Do?

With a simple mouth swab to collect your DNA we can easily figure out which genes problems you inherited from one or both parents and quantify how much of a problem you have. Then we can know which specific supplements you need to correct the above problems. You won’t waste your money on vitamins, minerals or probiotics you don’t need.


The new science of epigenetics is fast becoming an essential guide to both the treatment of diseases and the quest for feeling better and living longer. Our personal genetics that we inherited from our parents can be “added-to” with natural supplements to protect us from harm when life gets hard.

Join this “personalized medicine” movement by easily discovering your genetic make-up and what you can do to live better and longer.

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