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Linda Bell Middleton
Getting In-Home Help For Seniors
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Getting In-Home Help For Seniors

Your home is a reflection of who you are, whether its where you raised your family, or where you have lived for a few years. Its where your memories are. Its where you feel the most comfortable. Every room, every piece of furniture, every photograph, every keepsake represents you and your life. This is why it is only natural that you want to stay in your own home as long as possible. If at some point in your life you feel you want to continue to remain home, and you find that you need a little help, consider several options when deciding your care.
Non-Medical In-Home Care Agencies Sometimes a person needs help in the home doing non-medical tasks such as errands, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, or simply companionship. These agencies use employees, known as caregivers, which are bonded, screened and fully insured. The agency assumes all the burdens of payroll taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, while at the same time providing only the services you desire and within a budget you can afford. Most non-medical agencies are private pay, but other payment options do exist so ask the agency you are considering.
Home Health Care Agencies Home health care agencies are for-profit, non-profit, or governmental. They ensure quality of care by providing personal care, skilled care, and caregiver instruction and supervision. These agencies develop a plan of service to implement the plan of care that matches the health, social, and financial needs of the client.
Hiring a Caregiver Privately Even if you decide against using an agency, a healthcare professional can help evaluate and prepare the home, give advice about needed supplies and where to purchase them, and set up an organized care program. There is usually no type of financial assistance available to you when you hire someone privately. When you hire privately
Check licenses, training, experience, and references.
Be sure the applicant is insured for malpractice or liability.
Conduct a criminal background and driving record check.
Find out if the applicant has a specialty such as paralysis.
Consider the applicants personal habits such as smoking.
Before selecting an agency interview several agencies and asks lots of questions.
Make a list of services you wantask the agency for an estimate.
Understand how and when you can contact the agency and/or care manager.
Does the agency send out a substitute aide/caregiver if the regular one doesnt show up?
Will the agency replace the aide or caregiver if she is incompatible with the person in care?
Ask about qualifications of their personnel and on-going training.
Be aware that if a social service or personal care agency is providing care services, they may be limited in the services they can provide.
Make sure the agency is insured and has a good reputation in the community.

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