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Dave Neumaier
Get Connected To Mom and Dad
Closer Care

Get Connected To Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad were always there for you. However, now it is your turn to take care of them. You don't have to wait for Mom or Dad to go through a major transition to take care of them.

A fall, a diagnosis of illness, or the loss of a spouse ends up being most people's wake-up call.

However, the process of aging better can begin at any time. If you take care of the big three proactive steps, which include social environment, physical environment, and digital environment, then living longer and better is much more likely.

First, prepare the right mix of the human element. We are social creatures with many needs. Care giving starts with family where unconditional love is abundant. A network of friends echo that support. Community can provide fun, physical, and spiritual well being. Meanwhile, caregivers augment needed companionship, assistance with activities of daily living, and 24 hour nursing.

Secondly, your parent's physical living environment needs to be in order. An accessible, functional, fall and fire safe space that is secure, healthy and happy is vital. If they stay in their existing home, then significant modifications may be required.

If one or both of your parents move in with you, then there are three options to consider. Reorganize or modify an existing space, add on an in-law suite, or even add a stand alone cottage.

Third, your Mom and Dad's digital environment can ensure a healthy measure of independence. This is achieved through greater connectedness, communication, activity and wellness tracking. The power of knowing allows you to better adjust your Mom's physical and social environment to ever evolving needs.

Without using cameras you can know when your Mom's dresser, medicine cabinet, or refrigerator was opened. You can also know how many times Dad got up in the middle of the night, and if he was wandering.

An email or call automatically can be sent to you if Mom does not get out of bed by a certain time, if her blood pressure is elevated, if glucose levels drop, or if her weight or activity levels have slipped below set benchmarks.

Passive fall tracking and touch screens simplify safety and well being. No buttons to push if you fall and no computer background needed to receive emails, slide shows, reminders, and to play cognition games. Your Mom and Dad's custom digital environment is your compass to guide you as you navigate “aging better and longer” as one connected family.

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