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Angela M. Homer, PTA, LMT, NASM-CPT
Stretching Is For Everyday
Sports Pro Physical Therapy, LLC

Stretching Is For Everyday

Why is stretching so important? Stretching increases our flexibility. Flexibility is a component of fitness. When we increase our flexibility, we help to increase our overall level of fitness and we may possibly increase other aspects of fitness such as muscular strength and endurance

Stretching can ease repetitive stress syndrome. This is also called overuse syndrome. Do you sit at a computer? Have you ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, or have you developed poor posture? Stretching the muscles and tendons that become tight from repetitive movements combined with a strengthening program can prevent or help heal these chronic conditions that all of us are susceptible to.

Stretching keeps our joints more limber. Each joint has a different degree of movement. This is called “range of motion.” When we stretch properly, we can maintain an optimal range of movement, otherwise we get stiff, and our function is altered.

Stretching and increased flexibility can help to prevent injuries. When our joints and muscles are limber and flexible with movement through the full range, we have more balance and coordination. When we retain our flexibility, our tendons retain their elasticity, which reduces the possibility of tendonitis.

Stretching can help us find muscle imbalances. When I first meet a client I assess their flexibility because I can find the muscle imbalances that we all create in daily life or sport activities. Regular stretching can help us to find and lessen these imbalances, which can ultimately lead to injury.

Stretching can be a great stress reliever. We can take a time-out from stress by stretching, which is a great way to relax. Easy stretches can be done in a chair at our desk when the tension mounts. Add in a little deep breathing to increase our oxygen supply to the brain and may we find ourselves feeling and thinking better.

Information obtained from Active.com

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