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Abe Cherrick, MD
Myotronics K7 Innovative Dental Technology
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Myotronics K7 Innovative Dental Technology

Headaches are generally classified into several basic types sinus, cluster, tension and migraine. You can determine which type you have by discussing it with your physician or dentist. While headaches are typically treated by your physician, improper occlusion (your bite) may play a significant role in certain types of headaches as well as other head and neck pain.

The muscles of the temple area of the forehead are muscles that play an important part in posturing and closing of the jaw. If your bite is not right, it can lead to abnormal tension in those muscles and the muscles of your neck and shoulders. If the bite is not corrected, the muscles may remain tense for a long period of time. The contracted muscles do not get a chance to rest and soon suffer from poor circulation. The result can be pain (headaches and neck pain).

Highly innovative diagnostic technology introduced into the upgraded K7 evaluation system allows your dentist to objectively evaluate the state of those muscles and various other factors that may be affecting your bite. Myotronics K7 uses computerized diagnostics to measure and study the pattern of the jaw opening and closing through its full range of motion. Through a system of non-invasive and painless tests it is possible to find the jaw position where the jaw, teeth and muscles act in harmony. The cause rather than just the symptomatology is addressed.

There are times when people don't even notice that their bites are “off”. It's like a pebble in your shoe. After a while, you learn to ignore it. In this case you may not experience headache pain or neck pain but crooked, broken and worn out teeth due to a bad bite, instead.

Twelve painless computer generated diagnostic tests are administered for further accuracy. The process is like an EKG. We can track patterns, measure stress on the chewing muscles and use little magnets between your lips and teeth to mark the correct trajectory. No guesswork involved. The jaw then relaxes into its proper position, and the bite can be close to perfected.

Whether your poor bite is the cause of your chronic undiagnosed headaches, neck pain, ringing in your ears or the cause of broken, crooked and worn out teeth, the Myotronics K7 system is the most innovative system today to make a difference in treating and relieving the pain of a bad bite and enhancing and beautifying the most worn down dentition.

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