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Arthur Moosally, DC
Low-Level Laser Therapy
Millennium Chiropractic

Low-Level Laser Therapy

My patients regularly ask me one question more than any other lately, 'what is that laser really doing for me?'

So here is the best answer I could come up with that is both accurate and clear, without getting too technical.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the application of visible red or near-infrared light emitted from a low power laser for therapeutic purposes.

In very simple terms, low-level laser therapy is used to help heal and treat many of types of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders (including back pain caused by lower back strain, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, etc.) quickly.

Low-level lasers operate at very low levels of power, which unlike high-power lasers, do not heat or damage human tissue.

The laser device is held against the skin over the area being treated while the lasers emit wavelengths of light in the visible red to near-infrared range, which penetrate deeply into the tissues.

This light-energy is absorbed and converted to biochemical energy, which stimulates the cells to speed healing, reduce pain, and reduce the accompanying inflammation. Even after the session is over, the benefits continue for up to four hours of increased cellular activity.

There are no known side effects to low-level laser therapy and it has been used to treat both acute and chronic pain. The total number of treatments needed depends upon the condition being treated, the severity of the condition, and each patient's individual response.

How does laser light differ from “natural” light? Natural light, including sunlight, emits incoherent light in almost all directions over a wide spectrum of wavelengths. Laser light is coherent (high and low points of waves are lined up). The light waves from a laser are parallel (travel in almost the same direction) to produce a small, concentrated beam of light. Laser light is monochromatic, meaning a laser emits light at one or more specific wavelengths rather than a wide range of wavelengths.

Low-level laser therapy is relatively new in North America. Low-level lasers are available for use only by licensed practitioners.

I utilize our LLLT in conjunction with other standard chiropractic treatments like manipulation, muscle therapy, trigger point therapy, stretching, and electric stimulation.

Though the FDA has approved the use of low-level laser therapy, the FDA still considers this treatment experimental, investigational and unproven due to insufficient scientific evidence (a lack of large clinical trials).

NOTE If you are taking immune system suppressants, or have cancer, low-level laser therapy is contraindicated. In pregnant women, the uterus should not be irradiated.

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