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Car Crashes Can Be a Real ‘Pain In the Neck’
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Car Crashes Can Be a Real ‘Pain In the Neck’

<strong>Car Crashes Can Be a Real ‘Pain In the Neck’</strong>

Have you or someone you know had a “pain in the neck” after a car crash?

This is not to be taken lightly as if untreated whiplash can cause us to suffer a lifetime of pain and misery. Most especially as future injury may exacerbate a prior untreated injury (some without pain or in moderate pain that may subside over time) even decades later.

It is well-documented that auto crash victims suffer some level of whiplash in 90% of all accidents.  Of these, whiplash is mis-diagnosed in 95% of all crash victims.

Whiplash is a common injury suffered in auto accidents, and its effects can be far-reaching and long-lasting. The injury occurs when the head and neck are snapped forward and then backward quickly, often resulting in a strain or tear of the soft tissues in the neck. Whiplash can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

The most common symptom of whiplash is neck pain and stiffness. This pain can range from mild to severe and can last for days, weeks, or even months after the accident. Other symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, numbness or tingling in the arms, and difficulty concentrating. In more severe cases, whiplash can cause blurred vision, ringing in the ears, and even depression.

This injury can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. It can interfere with daily activities and make it difficult to work or participate in recreational activities. It can also cause financial strain due to the cost of medical care and lost wages. For these reasons, it is important to seek medical attention immediately after an auto accident to ensure that any potential whiplash injuries are properly diagnosed and treated.

You are not alone!

As a first step after an auto accident, (whether transported to a hospital emergency room or not) please seek the counsel of an experienced chiropractor who is most qualified to diagnose these typical auto crash musculoskeletal injuries.

A chiropractor will frequently order an MRI (in most cases a sitting/standing MRI) to validate the existence and extent of injury to assist in your care and if appropriate a personal injury legal claim.

That’s the process to make ‘a pain in the neck’ much less so.

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