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Kathy Mellott, AuD
These Are Not Your Fathers Hearing Aids
Audiology Unlimited
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These Are Not Your Fathers Hearing Aids

Unlike anything thats ever been seen before, be by ReSound is the alternative to traditional hearing aids. So new, and so radically different, you need to see it for yourself. A unique design thats invisible in the ear, absolute comfort in both wearing and listening, advanced elimination of wind noise and the most natural listening experience available. Thanks to its innovative shape and ergonomic styling, be by ReSound feels like no other hearing instrument. Its so light and comfortable that youll probably forget youre wearing it. It sits naturally and comfortably in the ear, ensuring you can hear your own voice and those of others as naturally as possible. It fits inside the ear canal, appearing as a shadow and is virtually invisible.
Youve never been afraid to stand out. So why choose a hearing instrument thats all about blending in? Vibe fits your personality and your ear in a radical new way. Its about as far from ordinary as it gets. And thats the whole point. It goes where no hearing instrument has gone before. Vibes design is so unique it doesnt even look like a hearing instrument. Your ear canal is left open, for greater comfort. Its the first one that fits securely into the crest of the ear and theres nothing behind your ear. Vibe wont interfere with your eyeglasses or other devices. In fact, Vibes fit is

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