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Joyce Abramson, RNMS
Surgeon General's Report Mental Health
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Surgeon General's Report Mental Health

The Surgeon General released a report on mental health in the U.S. covering a variety of treatments and numerous aspects of many mental illnesses.
Psychosocial rehabilitation was seen as a valued treatment when examining care for those persons diagnosed with schizophrenia and other persistent serious mental illnesses.
Psychosocial treatments are vital compliments to medication for individuals with schizophrenia. They help patients maximize functioning and recovery. Psychosocial rehabilitation programs strive to teach skills to help people with schizophrenia, or many of the affective disorders, live successfully in the community.
A multi-component psychiatric rehabilitation program combining pharmacologic treatment, independent living and social skills training, psychological support to the person and their families, housing, vocational skills, social support and increased networking provide the most substantial opportunity to enhance the persons quality of life.
The most effective programs 1) establish direct, behavioral goals, 2) seek specific outcomes, 3) focus on long term interventions, 4) occur within the persons preferred setting and 5) combine skills training with an array of social and environmental supports.
This multi-faceted approach often reduces or shortens hospitalizations, provides a system for learning how to manage the illness, and enhances the recovery process.
To obtain additional information about psychiatric rehabilitation or other mental health providers, there is a Mental Health Services Provider Directory for the tri-county area which is available in local libraries and many provider or human service agencies.

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