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Joyce Abramson, RNMS
Recovery-Based Mental Health
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Recovery-Based Mental Health

A recovery based mental health system, hoping to affect the impact of a serious mental illness and to help build satisfying, contributing lives, must offer a wide range of services. While a service focuses on a specific area, each has an interaction with another. As one area changes, another is similarly impacted.
Treatment hopes to reduce symptoms and to explore and understand feelings, thoughts, values, goals and roles that enhance recovery.
Rehabilitation hopes to assist people to be successful and satisfied in their chosen roles and settings in the community with the least amount of ongoing intervention by providers of care.
Crises intervention deals with dangerous situations which interfere or disrupt recovery.
Case management helps to link or access services that facilitate recovery.
Rights protection/advocacy strives to improve services and to eliminate barriers and misconceptions that inhibit recovery.
Self help promotes and supports ones own effort in recovery and that of peers with mental illness.
Basic support addresses the provision of basic survival needs to continue the recovery process.
Enrichment strives to enhance the quality of life.
Each of these services alone or in conjunction with one another can provide the support necessary to rebuild desired roles and involvement in the community. Each has an important effect on the process of recovery as people experience lifes events, accept and overcome the challenge of a mental illness.

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