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Frank R. Kearney, Esq.
Workers Compensation 5 Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Case
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Workers Compensation 5 Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your Case

Hurt at work? You're in a stressful, complicated system, with lots of people telling you different things about what you need to do.

Here are five common mistakes and there are a lot more that people make after an injury at work that can absolutely kill their workers' compensation case.

1. Don't Report The Injury.

Insurance companies love it when you don't report the injury right away. It lets them question whether the injury ever happened, whether it happened at work, whether it's really an old football injury. So, tell a supervisor right away, fill out an accident form, and get a copy.

2. Rely On Your Employer To “Take Care Of You.”

Workers' compensation is about protecting you your income and medical treatment you need. Your job doesn't know the system.

Most employers have a big insurance company that calls the shots and that insurance company's responsibility is to their shareholders, not to you.

3. Don't Tell The Doctor That You Got Hurt On The Job.

Telling the doctor “I hurt my back” isn't enough.

If it happened at work, say so. Tell the doctor, nurse and anyone taking a history that you hurt your back lifting a generator at work or fell at work. Be specific. It will save you time, money and aggravation.

4. Go To The Employer's “Work Injury Clinic” Or Insurance Doctor.

You are entitled to medical care from an appropriate specialist if you're hurt at work. In D.C. and Maryland, you choose your own physician. In Virginia, you choose one of a panel of three qualified physicians.

Many insurance companies refer you to some “Workers Clinic” one they send hundreds of workers to. Whose side do you think that doctor is on?

5. Don't File Claim Forms With the Proper Agency.

D.C., Maryland and Virginia have different laws, benefits and time limits. You need to file where it's best for you not just where the insurance company tells you to.

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