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Meg Kabis
New Year…New You: How Hormone Replenishment Can Help
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New Year…New You: How Hormone Replenishment Can Help

“I feel like I’ve gotten my life back,” says Sherri W., bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) patient, who had suffered with insomnia, irritability, and other physical issues for years. “I feel profoundly different than when I first walked through their door,” she says.

Like many people, Sherri didn’t realize how sex hormones affect many aspects of the mind and body – from brain and mood to skin and hair, from metabolism and muscle mass to energy levels and insulin resistance. Sherri went to a BHRT expert hoping to get rid of her hot flashes and night sweats and to see if a good night’s sleep was possible. Now, she says, “everything has changed for me!”

Adding a little estrogen, testosterone, progesterone or thyroid hormone can improve your life, too. Natural hormones can:

• Improve your energy and make muscles firmer

• Ramp up your sex drive

• Stop hot flashes and night sweats

• Decrease sadness and anxiety

• Help you think more clearly

• Help you sleep much better.

“This cutting-edge therapy improved my foggy thinking and my fatigue,” says another BHRT patient, Donna, 52. “And I’m also losing weight!”

If you are in your 30s and 40s, your hormone levels have already declined; for some men and women this could be by 30-40%. For women and men in their 50s-60s, hormone levels could be 60-80% of what they were in younger years.

If you are over 60, supplementing your natural hormones can give you a new, exciting chapter in your life. Just having sex again will make you healthier and happier.

“I love my husband so much but sex was not enjoyable and even painful,” said Jeannine, a 62-year-old BHRT patient. “But now, we can’t stop touching each other.”

New You In 2020

Pellet therapy is a convenient, safe and effective method for BHRT. Tiny rice-grain-size pellets are inserted in the fatty area on your hip (using local anesthesia) so the hormones are absorbed directly into your bloodstream over a three-month period. The pellets are available in a variety of dosages so there’s no one-size-fits-all pill. Individualized pellet hormone replacement therapy is:

• Precise

• Personal

• Effective

• Economical

• Reliable and


Natural bioidentical hormones can make such a dramatic difference in your daily life. Don’t accept the problems declining sex hormones bring. Talk to a bioidentical hormone specialist today. With a little hormone replenishment, you may have a much happier new year.

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