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Long Lived the Queen – and Her Husband – a Healthy Couple
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Long Lived the Queen – and Her Husband – a Healthy Couple

Long Lived the Queen – and Her Husband – a Healthy Couple

Queen Elizabeth II was arguably the most admired and loved person on the planet. Like Lady Diana, the passing of the Queen saddens everyone, transending political and national boundaries. The loss of the Queen is a loss to human kind.

At the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth II left this world to join her husband Prince Philip in the next life. Let’s not forget, Philip lived to be 99 falling only a few months short of the century mark. They must have had some good genes and a healthy lifestyle.

There have been reports over time, a long time, that both maintained a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet  and regular exercise were very much a part of their lives.

The Queen was known to be a brisk walker wherever she was. Keeping up with her was quite a task for most people. A long brisk walk is a good way to keep the blood flowing and the heart healthy.

She was also known to pay particular attention to her weight, maintaining a slim figure even late in life. Both the Queen and Philip were always in good shape, limiting calories, particularly carbs.

There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There is also the thought that a glass of wine a day will do the same, and the Queen, although never known to be a big drinker, is reported to have had a martini every day.

Her attention to her puppies and horses is also well known. She spent time with the corgies and dorgies she owned and was pictured with many times. The horses were always part of her life, and in troubling times she used these to comfort her. Her times with the pets could be a big help in maintaining her blood pressure and steadfast personality, and probably helped her keep her mind sharp.

Nothing can take the place of good genes. Our genetic makeup dictates so much about our health and life that cannot be overstated. Even at that though, your genes combined with a healthy diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle goes a long way to improve longevity.

The Queen and Prince Philip should be looked at as a model for all of us can live better and longer.

God save the Queen – and the Prince.

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