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Connie Hambrock, PhD
Five Gifts For the Prenatal Child
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Five Gifts For the Prenatal Child

As the holidays near, our thoughts often turn to gifts for our children. Most pregnant mothers and fathers don't know of gifts they can give right now to their yet-to-be-born children. The following gifts are truly gifts that keep on giving for a lifetime.

The first gift is the creation of a peaceful, joy filled womb in which to grow this beautiful, happy child. Studies show that the more stress free the conditions are around the pregnant family, the more well adjusted and peaceful the child will be.

How is this accomplished? It starts with the awareness that creating a peaceful environment for this new life is a conscious decision. This awareness helps remind both parents to breathe deeply and remove themselves from situations that anger or overly stress them.

In Dr. Frederick Wirth's book Prenatal Parenting, he discusses these many gifts. He suggests that another gift both parents can give is the gift of time. By taking several “fetal love breaks” everyday consisting of 15 minutes during the day visualizing how much they love this baby or what would be a good things to do to enhance this baby's environment. Then sharing the results of these breaks with each other daily. A third gift is sending loving thoughts and talking softly to the baby.

A fourth gift is playing relaxing music to the baby. If this music relaxes the baby now, it will also relax the baby after it is born. A fifth gift is making a date to enhance the relationship with the other parent, as that helps to create a joyful place for the baby to grow and live.

These gifts help to create a space for the baby in the here and now world so parents get used to making time and positive space for the new baby in their lives now and in the future.

Dr. Wirth believed that these are important steps toward creating world peace, by creating a wonderful, peaceful womb for your peaceful beautiful child. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful time in your life. Allow your self to truly be one with your child, bond and love your baby and yourself.

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