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Jaklin Bezik, DDS, MDS
Ten Myths and Facts About Root Canals
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Ten Myths and Facts About Root Canals

One of the best things you can do to become more comfortable with your dental visits is to learn about the different procedures performed.

1. Myth Root Canals Cause Pain

To the contrary, the whole purpose of a root canal is to correct a dental problem and to actually relieve the pain. To ensure that you feel nothing during the procedure, anesthesia is used.

2. Myth Root Canals Make You Sick

When a root canal is done, bacteria is cleared out from the tooth's root, effectively creating a cleaner and healthier body.

3. Myth You Need Multiple Appointments to Complete a Root Canal

Generally, root canals are completed in one appointment. However, in some instances you may need two.

4. Myth A Sign that You Need a Root Canal is Tooth Pain

A tooth that has damaged nerve or infection does not have pain all the time. You never want to find out that you need a root canal through tooth pain, but pain is one of the factors.

5. Myth It is Better to Extract

If the remaining tooth structure is strong enough to be able to repair it by a crown, you should consider getting a root canal and keep your natural teeth.

6. Fact You Will Not Feel Sensitivity After a Root Canal

Continuous tooth sensitivity is a concern for most patients who undergo root canals. However, the fact is that you should not feel any sensitivity in the area. A root canal relieves the pain completely.

7. Fact Root Canals Destroy Feeling in the Tooth

Root canals are designed to heal a tooth, not to destroy it. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the infected part of the tooth and root.

8. Fact You Can Sometimes Need a Root Canal More than Once

Root canal procedures can be undertaken a second time if the decay and bacteria re-emerges. This is usually not necessary though, as root canals have a one-time success rate of 85%.

9. Fact A Crown Is Necessary If You Undergo a Root Canal

It is suggested that every tooth with the root canal treatment gets protected by a crown as soon as possible. The crown will keep the tooth protected and in better condition.

10. Fact You Should Not Need Painkillers For a Long Time After a Root Canal

Finally, after a root canal, you should not expect to take heavy-duty pain relief medication for long.

If you have any other questions about what to expect during root canal therapy or other dental procedures, schedule an appointment with your local dentist.

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