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J. Douglas Wooddell, DDS
Recent Advances In Dental Care
J. Douglas Wooddell, DDS Gentle Dentistry, PC
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Recent Advances In Dental Care

In recent years, there has been so much progress in the medical and health fields; people are also very interested in hearing about the most recent advances in dental treatment. Three dental procedures that patients frequently inquire about are tooth whitening, dental implants, and Invisalign.

Tooth whitening can be accomplished in many ways. For some patients, one of the various over-the-counter whitening methods will work just fine. However, for many people, professional whitening treatments will produce the most reliable, long-lasting result. There is no set treatment that works for everyone, so discussing the options with patients helps to find the right approach for each individual patient.

Another wonderful development in recent years is the dental implant. Implants can be used to replace everything from a single missing tooth, all the way to complete replacement of all teeth in both upper and lower arches. The full-arch treatment is something that you may have heard about in various ads and articles as “same-day teeth.”

Over the years, dental implants have evolved from being complex, complicated procedures to the relatively easy, pain-free, common procedure that they are today. It seems that almost everyone knows somebody that has had one or more dental implants. This is truly one of the most exciting advances in dentistry in recent years.

A third exciting advancement is Invisalign, or clear braces. No longer do you need to have wires and brackets on your teeth to achieve a perfect smile. Invisalign accomplishes the movement of teeth by using a series of clear plastic aligners. In my opinion, it is the perfect method for most adults that are looking for a beautiful smile with straight teeth. In fact, most Invisalign patients are adults who had braces as a child that either didn't work, or they have had a relapse. Of course, many adult Invisalign patients have never had braces of any type before.

Each series of aligners is custom-made for each patient, depending on the specific type of tooth movement that is needed, and is worn for two weeks before changing to the next aligner, and so on until your perfect smile is achieved. Patients have transformed from people that didn't like their smiles, or who hid their smiles, to people that are very happy with their new, beautiful smiles, and are proud to show them off.

We live in exciting times in dentistry. There are many other wonderful advances available for patients including porcelain veneers, all-ceramic crowns, bonding, and more that allow patients to restore unhealthy mouths as well as to transform smiles into things of beauty.

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