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Shadi Saba, DDS
Orthodontic Benefits For Seniors
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Orthodontic Benefits For Seniors

Orthodontic Benefits For Seniors

Orthodontic treatment was once considered primarily for teenagers, but more than one million adults now make up about 20 percent of orthodontic patients.

Adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s are straightening their teeth. Since people are living longer and healthier, a patient who comes in at 60 could have 30 to 40 more years ahead of them. By getting orthodontic care, theyre making a good investment for their health.

With few treatments for tooth decay and gum disease, previous generations began losing teeth by age 40. With the introduction of fluoride in drinking water, tooth loss has dropped more than 60% since the 1960s.

Anyone at any age can receive orthodontic treatment as long as they have healthy bones and tissue, so more seniors are saying no to dentures and yes to the orthodontists chair.

While seniors can benefit medically from orthodontic treatment, aesthetics also play a role in the decision-making process.

Fortunately, orthodontic improvements over the past two decades have helped make braces more appealing to adults. In the past, brackets were held in place by metal bands. Now, there are low visibility white ceramic braces, clear Invisalign aligners and lingual braces.

Also a newer technology, often referred to as “speed braces”, reduces orthodontic treatment time over 30%, making treatment faster and more comfortable.

So, having great teeth not only helps you feel better, but also has health benefits too.

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