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Tontra Lowe, DDS
No Cost Dental Treatment For Disabled Veterans
Awesome Smiles Dental Center
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No Cost Dental Treatment For Disabled Veterans

No Cost Dental Treatment For Disabled Veterans

According to USA Today, at the end of 2018, more than five million Veterans had at least one disability. Serving your country to protect and defend citizens’ freedom sometimes across the globe is daunting. But, you did it and deserved all benefits earned for your service. But, were you aware that those benefits could mean healthier and improved oral care through the VA Community Care Network program (VACCN)?

After COVID, it became challenging to receive healthcare as the entire world reacted to a pandemic, including its unknown health consequences. Since the mouth is part of the body, it also became a challenge to receive dental treatment. With the long commute for Veterans to either Washington, DC or Martinsburg, WV, the VACCN program became very popular for those who were aware of the program, its benefits, and the ability to be seen by dentists near opposed to 50 miles away from them. The program allows Veterans to receive dental care from authorized providers in their local community when unable to travel to the VA.

Here are three things to consider when trying to access dental care in your community:

1. Remember, your mouth is part of your body. An unhealthy mouth can be linked to uncontrolled diabetes, acid reflux, reduced libido, and increased chances of stroke. Replacing missing teeth, untreated gum disease, severely decayed teeth, and broken teeth can be treated under the VACCN program at your local authorized dental office, all at no cost to the Veteran.

2. You must apply for the VACCN program and meet the qualifications. You can go to Veteran.VACommunityCare.com or our website at AwesomeSmilesVA.com/veteran-community-care-program to learn if you qualify. Reasons for requesting entry into the program could be that the travel is too far to the local VA, or you want to see a dentist in the community for dental care.

3. Make sure you advocate for yourself with the VA. Sometimes you have to call multiple times to get heard, but don’t give up. You have earned every single benefit. Only approved dentists in the VACCN program can do your treatment at no cost, such as in our office.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy can be just a few clicks away. So make sure to go online and research this awesome program that helps Vets just like your smile with confidence.    

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