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Judy Yu, DMD
Missing Multiple Teeth? Full Arch Treatment Options
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Missing Multiple Teeth? Full Arch Treatment Options

Missing Multiple Teeth? Full Arch Treatment Options

A dental arch is either the top or bottom set of teeth in your mouth. When all or many teeth are missing or get to a stage where substituting them is recommended, then a full arch replacement becomes necessary. This can replace a full arch, either in the lower or upper jaw. There are more options available now than ever for full arch treatment.

Removable Dentures

Before the introduction of dental implants, people who were missing many teeth and needed a full arch replacement had few options aside from unstable, ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. Dentures often require adhesives, which can be unpleasant and fail to come close to initiating the form and function of natural teeth.

The upside is that dentures are relatively inexpensive, and they are easy to remove and clean.

Four Implant Overdenture (Snap On/Removable)

Stabilized overdentures look like traditional, removable dentures. However, there are four locators on the under-side of your “plate,” which attach on top of implant abutments. Snap on dentures essentially clip into place. There’s no rocking, shifting, or rubbing, because your implants keep the appliance secure.

Overdentures improve stability and functionality to 60% compared to natural teeth, they are relatively inexpensive, and easy to clean.

Some people find them uncomfortable, and they may cause sore spots on gum tissue. Although they are fairly stable they may still move when chewing or speaking, and may require relines to improve fit and comfort as bone in the jaw deteriorates.

All-on-4 Implant Fixed Bridge

Bridge are permanent restorations attached onto teeth or implants, supporting false crowns in the areas of missing teeth. The biggest difference between an all-on-4 appliance and an overdenture is that the all-on-4 appliance is permanent – you never have to take it out, and it improves functionality to 90% compared to natural teeth versus 60%. Other benefits are that this appliance eliminates the need for bone grafting: your dentist can provide a temporary bridge the same day of your surgery; it preserves bone and soft tissue; they never decay (95% success rate over 30 years); they are very natural looking, allowing you to eat the foods you want; and you are able to clean fixed bridges like natural teeth – inside your mouth.

Traditional 6-8 Implant Support Fixed Bridge

Traditional fixed bridges replace root and teeth, preserve bone and soft tissue, improve functionality to 90% compared to natural teeth, and you can also clean them as you would natural teeth – inside the mouth.

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