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Kalpna Ranadive, DMD, MDS, NMD, IBDM
Minimal Destruction, Maximum Preserved Natural Smiles
Vedic Dental
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Minimal Destruction, Maximum Preserved Natural Smiles

Minimal Destruction, Maximum Preserved Natural Smiles

We live in a world where technology has created multiple, highly efficient, beautiful possibilities. Breaking down something and rebuilding it from scratch is no longer scary nor daunting. In healthcare, technology can help create beauty in an instance and innovation has made reconstruction of various body parts easy and sustainable. Dentistry in fact led the technological revolution and 3D printed ceramic teeth became possible in 1981 even before we knew what 3D printing was. 

From computer-guided implant surgeries to 3D printed veneers to 5D teeth alignment, precision and beauty is created every day in dental offices. Yet I have baulked at the idea of destroying teeth and rebuilding them just because we have the technology to do so. The darker side of technology gives human beings an allowance to be impatient with choices. Pulling teeth and replacing them with implants, destroying enamel and turning them into small pegs of teeth onto which the so-called beautiful ceramic teeth (crowns and veneers) are constructed has now legally become standardized. Just because we can, should we really be destroying that which we are born with? Can artificially reconstructed beauty really triumph over natural beauty? 

Thankfully, despite the technologically driven dangerous trend of impatient destructive dentistry, there are many dentists and health care professionals who believe in preservation over destruction. Just like cooking a good dish takes patience and finesse, preserving teeth is an art that creates long-lasting natural healthy smiles. We use the same 3D printed technology to save maximum tooth structure by removing and replacing only that which is damaged. Using medical grade oxygen, even dying tissue can be rejuvenated. The advances in BPA free composites allow vast varieties of shades to be matched perfectly to your teeth without ever removing even the tiniest tooth structure. Lasers can now allow us to remove micro amounts of tissues without extensive surgical cutting. 

From ringing in the ears, to scoliosis, migraines, eye issues, heart disease, low birth weight babies, neck, back, knee pain to sleep apnea, teeth and oral structures are impacted as well as create an impact on every part of the body. In a true integrative holistic aspect, nothing in the body works in isolation and every part can be a cause and effect of another problem of the body. Why then do we rush into destroying one part of the body to fix another problem? Paying attention to the source of the problem is more important than merely assuming that the tooth decay was caused because of poor hygiene. 

Beauty does not have to come with the price tag of you losing your teeth. Veneers can now be done without cutting your teeth. With the right intervention, root canals and extraction can be avoided. Implants need not be the go-to option to restore your smile. A well-designed teeth alignment can save you from ever needing implants, crowns or veneers, thus saving you thousands of dollars. There are many natural solutions that compliment technology. Knowing when and how to use these solutions requires an experienced guide and teacher as your health care provider. To accomplish this finding, a knowledgeable practitioner who is in alignment with your attitude towards health is important.

Beauty, along with prudence, is always a winning combination. Know you have choices. Choose wisely. Not quick now, painful later.

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