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Elizabeth Shin, DDS
Laser Frenectomies in Children: What You Need to Know
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Laser Frenectomies in Children: What You Need to Know

Laser Frenectomies in Children: What You Need to Know

Tongue-tie, also known as anky loglossia, is a common condition that affects many children. It occurs when the lingual frenulum, the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, is too short or tight, which restricts the mobility of the tongue. In some cases, a frenectomy may be recommended to release the tongue-tie and improve oral function. Laser frenectomy is a popular and minimally invasive technique used to correct tongue-ties in children. 

What Is a Laser Frenectomy?

Laser frenectomy is a surgical procedure that uses a specialized laser to remove the frenulum. The laser is precise and can be used to remove the tissue without causing excessive bleeding or damage to surrounding tissue. The procedure is usually done in a dentist or pediatrician’s office, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

What Are the Signs Of a Tongue-Tie? 

Children with tongue-ties may experience difficulty nursing or feeding, speech problems, or oral hygiene issues. They may have trouble sticking out their tongue or moving it from side to side, and in some cases, the tongue-tie may be visible as a small band of tissue under the tongue. For older children, speech therapy may be needed in addition to a frenectomy to address any residual issues.

What Are the Benefits Of a Frenectomy? 

A frenectomy can provide many benefits for children with tongue-ties. After the procedure, children may be able to nurse more effectively, which can help them get the nutrients they need to grow and develop. They may also be able to speak more clearly and have an easier time with oral hygiene, as a restricted tongue can make it difficult to clean the teeth and gums. Additionally, for older children, a frenectomy can help with speech and overall oral function. 

Is a Laser Frenectomy Painful?

Most children do not experience any pain during or after the procedure. 


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