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Michael E. King, DDS
Importance Of Continued Dental Care
Michael King DDS (Mira Dental Care)

Importance Of Continued Dental Care

Keeping physically fit is not something that is done when you feel like it. It is a routine to maintain balance with your body, mind and soul. If you neglect it, you may have to pay consequences down the road. Keeping up with your dental check-ups is similar. It is a routine that maintains balance and if neglected, you may have to get an unwanted root canal or extraction.
Routine check-ups begin with a first appointment where the dentist will usually take numerous radiographs and does an extensive exam in and out of your mouth. After the exam, the dentist will talk to you about your treatment, costs, and your next appointment. After you finish the initial phase of treatment, which may encompass cleanings or fillings, the dentist will prescribe a standard interval for you to return for cleanings and re-examination. This is the important part of the process that usually gets neglected by patients and sometimes even the dentist.
The purpose of this re-examination is to determine how well you are doing with your maintenance and how the previous treatment is working. Think of this return appointment as an oil change for your mouth. You know if you do not get your oil changed on a regular basis you will most likely need to get a new engine or worse, a new car. Without proper maintenance of your mouth you may need to get a large filling or worse, a root canal.
Return visits to the dental office will vary based on the amount of tarter, cavities, and perceived oral hygiene of the patient. It has been customary for many years for people to return to the dental office every six months. This standard regimen does not fit all people, and dentistry is slowly moving towards a more custom regimen based on individual patients needs. When patients present with fewer cavities and less tarter build up at each subsequent check-up, the dentist can, in turn, lengthen the amount of time the patient should return for the next check-up.
Just like physical fitness and oil changes, dental check-ups are needed routinely, varying per individual. Visit your dentist regularly to maintain a healthy beautiful smile for years to come.
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