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Tontra Lowe, DDS
Cancer Patients Can Use Medical Insurance For Treatment In the Mouth
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Cancer Patients Can Use Medical Insurance For Treatment In the Mouth

Cancer Patients Can Use Medical Insurance <strong><em>For Treatment In the Mouth</em></strong>

Certain cancer patients needing treatment in the mouth before or after their cancer treatment may benefit from medical benefits. However, for those with a recent or current cancer diagnosis, a simple procedure in the mouth could wreak havoc on their overall health and recovery, regardless of the type of cancer. The dental insurance and medical insurance don’t work alike at all. Understand how accessing medical benefits can reduce costs and stress.

Managing medical and dental aspects before and after treatment is critical to living well.  Be intentional and proactive versus reactive.  People on your wellness team must sometimes weigh life against the quality of life, and to do that well, you must have your family dentist and sometimes an oral surgeon be a part of the conversation.  You must include your dentist in the battle plan for your treatment to improve outcomes for an extended quality of life.  Remember, the mouth is a part of the body. 

Here are three points to remember if dealing with a cancer diagnosis and seeking payment from your medical carrier:

1. Patients undergoing treatment for any cancer can develop mouth sores, dry mouth, and crumbling teeth.  This is even more prevalent with radiation treatment for oral or throat cancer.

2. Request the oncologist consult your dentist and get them involved in your care regardless of cancer type. Remove any hopeless teeth and treat any cavities or gum disease BEFORE starting cancer treatment, if time allows. Ask your physicians to provide an actual referral to your dentist. 

3. Use medical insurance to help cover fees for treatment in the mouth if possible (excludes most medical HMO, EPO, Medicare, or Medicaid plans).

Oral complications secondary to cancer diagnosis and treatment are common and can wreak havoc on other organs and in the mouth.  Ensure to include your dentist in your care to improve your quality of life. Most PPO medical insurance plans will help pay fees for treatment in the mouth to get you back to swallowing and eating as usual. People pay hefty premiums for medical insurance—why not maximize any benefits?

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