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Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC
Braces Consultation: Assessment and Treatment
Jacqueline Brown-Bryant, DDS Orthodontics
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Braces Consultation: Assessment and Treatment

Braces Consultation: Assessment and Treatment

Do you have 60 minutes or less to do something that doesn’t cost you anything but can change your life forever? That’s all the time it takes to have your teeth, smile and jaw alignment evaluated. Many orthodontic specialists offer complimentary consultations/examinations and provide you with solutions for your orthodontic problems.

Remember to see an orthodontist for your evaluation. Orthodontists are specialists who received two or more years of additional full time training past dental school in order to provide you the best knowledge and skills necessary to treat all aspects of crooked, crowded and spaced teeth, excessive overjets, overbites, crossbites, deepbites, openbites and misaligned, excessive or deficient jaws.

The first step in the process to a new smile is the consultation. At that appointment, an X-ray or photographs may be taken to assist in the consult. The orthodontist will discuss your needs and provide you with options. Keep in mind that without in depth initial diagnostic records, the solutions will be more general than specific. If treatment is deemed necessary, the next step is diagnostic records. These consist of 2-3 different types of current X-rays such as a full mouth series of periapicals, a panoramic X-ray, and a cephalometric X-ray, intra-oral/extra-oral photos, oral examination, impressions and bite registration of your teeth and jaw alignment.

Once the diagnostic records are completed, the orthodontist will analyze and evaluate them to develop a detailed, customized treatment plan with any additional options you may have available and explain the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of each plan.

You and your orthodontist will discuss a personalized plan of action that can improve your smile, looks, self-esteem and function. Your dentist will be kept informed of your treatment so that all of your dental professionals are working towards the same goals.

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