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Maribel Vann, DDS
Are Your Natural Teeth Or Dentures Worn Down?
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Are Your Natural Teeth Or Dentures Worn Down?

The head sits delicately poised on top of the cervical spine. Any loss of occlusal vertical dimension disturbs that balance and the patient compromises the processes of mastication (chewing), deglutition (swallowing), respiration (breathing) and kinesthetic balance (sense of body position).

When proper occlusal vertical dimension is restored using the craniometric method as an aid, the aforementioned processes are enhanced. In addition, facial comfort and appearance are improved. Any change in head position caused by loss of occlusal vertical dimension may cause structural misalignment of the vertebrae of the neck resulting in neck pain, headache and brachial plexus neuritis.

Brachial plexus is a group of nerves that begin in the mid and lower neck, go under the collarbone and armpit and down the arm to the hands. The brachial plexus includes numerous nerves that innervate most of the upper limbs. Photograph A shows a patient with a collapsed bite.

This patient is wearing a very old complete upper denture with the incorrect occlusal vertical dimension. This patient is also missing all of her lower posterior (back) teeth, which had also contributed to the collapse of her bite. As you can see on the photograph, the chin is not touching the lower arm of the craniometer. If the occlusal vertical dimension was correct, the chin would be touching the craniometer.

There is also loss of support on the lips due to collapse of the face around the mouth with accompanying wrinkles around the corner of the lips. This patient is also suffering from neck pain and numbness in the right arm. The craniometric method used as an aid in restoring lost occlusal vertical dimension (collapsed bite) is very accurate. Patients can see, feel and appreciate the benefits this treatment offers.

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