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Your Life Is At Risk
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Your Life Is At Risk

Your Life Is At Risk

We go through life and face all kinds of challenges and risks every day. Driving a car, getting on a plane, exposure to germs we cannot see, violence in our streets, armed forces in combat, are all risks that could endanger our lives and family.

COVID poses another risk. You can get sick from it or die from it just like so many other things we face. The question is When does the risk of COVID reach levels of the flu, and the other diseases we face? When is it an acceptable risk?

Nobody wants to get sick, or die, but we don’t want to live in a bubble either. The CDC reports three children out of 100,000 were hospitalized in the past two months. According to the CDC, COVID is the 10th leading cause of death in children. Motor vehicle accidents, firearms, cancer, drowning, etc. are far more lethal to children.

We don’t stop driving or going to the swimming pool, so why do we change everything for COVID? Is it fear? Is it government?

In addition to these statistics, the likelihood of dying from the vaccine is 100 times less than dying from COVID. So, logically, if people keep on doing these risky things and won’t get a vaccine because of the fear of side effects, is it that they just don’t understand that their lives are at risk every day?

Doctors will advise you to stop doing anything that will harm you. They have to, it’s their job. But as free people we decide what to do, only taking the doctor’s advice into account.

You’re beginning to hear doctors say things like the risk of dying from COVID or even getting very sick from it, is reaching very low levels. You’re even hearing them say, it’s time to go back to normal – that the risk is not as great as many other things.

The unvaccinated are still the big concern. Everyone is being forced to mold their lives around the lives of the unvaccinated. But, even at that, the risk to those people is decreasing as well.

The CDC reports that 75% of adults are fully vaccinated and another 18% have immunity from surviving the virus. That is 93% immunity. These Venn diagrams overlap some, and the government isn’t providing those numbers, so it may be somewhat less, but still very high. So, what’s the problem? Why doesn’t everyone approach COVID as a normal risk, just like so many other risks we take every day?

The bottom line is, your life is at risk from many things. Stopping your life because of one doesn’t make logical sense. Get advice from your doctor and then make up your mind which risks you can manage. It’s really up to each person and family.

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