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Will COVID Ever Be Over?
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Will COVID Ever Be Over?

Will COVID Ever Be Over?

Two Years of Shutdowns, Infections, Deaths and Vaccines

It has been a tumultuous two years encompassing all manner of shock, emotion, evaluation and re-evaluation. Everyone has seen their lives turned upside down and back, how many times. What was a shutdown for two weeks turned into a continuous battle to rid ourselves of COVID, then to try to live with it. And the question was asked how many times: When will this end?

In the US, there are still plenty of people with COVID, even though deaths are declining. The elderly and those with several other conditions are at risk for severe COVID while the vaccinated and those who have recovered are fairly safe.

For example, a woman in her early 30’s in good health tested positive at four different times over the two years. She has had some symptoms, but not any more than the flu or other similar viral infection. Another case where a young man gets deathly ill, but it’s not COVID, he tests positive for the flu. He recovers in a few days. These cases are what you would expect from most viral cases.

It has been pretty well documented that lockdowns and most masks do little to help the situation. Even though some children are still required to wear masks, the death toll in that group is very low and they do not appear to be at serious risk. It’s hard to figure out what the motivation is to still wear masks, unless you have underlying conditions and need to be extra careful. The CDC even says you can put your mask away, but you might need it at some point in the future.

Adding up the number of vaccinated and those who have acquired immunity from having COVID is somewhere in the 80th percentile or higher.

So, what do we do now?

The messaging by government and health experts has been so disjointed and confusing it is hard to know what the situation is at any given time. One thing you can count on if you know anything about viruses is this: The coronavirus that causes COVID will be with us for a long time, probably forever, in one form or another.

As we have been saying from the beginning, people need to be responsible. Don’t be around people if you think you have COVID. Understand your risks. Know your risks. If you have underlying conditions, be careful.

And, just maybe COVID has taught us to be more vigilant about our health in general, which can be the one positive thing we can take away from this.

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