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The Aaron Rodgers Dilemma
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The Aaron Rodgers Dilemma

The Aaron Rodgers Dilemma

What It a Ruse by Rodgers or the NFL and the Packers?

Aaron Rodgers, the NFL MVP and quarterback of the Green Bay Packers football team tested positive for COVID and unleashed a firestorm of criticism and controversy, not only for himself, but for the NFL, the Packers and the government. Anyone who follows professional football knows Aaron Rodgers is a bit of a drama queen, and admits marching to his own drummer.

He used language to mislead the public and arguably his teammates and the league about his vaccination status. But, he also states the NFL, the Packers, and the Players Association knew he was unvaccinated, yet they all seem to have turned the other cheek and let him violate COVID protocols all over the place.

He criticizes the “woke” culture for attacking him and spreading misinformation. Yet at the same time, he did the very same thing. He presents himself to be an intelligent researcher and says things like, “Why do vaccinated people still get COVID?” Come on Aaron, vaccines don’t stop you from getting the disease, they stop you from dying from it. If you did the research, you know that.

These are just examples of how he has decided to conceal his situation and manipulate the narrative.

Whether you believe in the vaccine or not, it’s hard to reach the conclusion that Aaron Rodgers didn’t lie to everyone. Did he put people at risk? That is hard to say. He claims to have done the tests and wears a mask and follows all the protocols, “To a T”.  But, video evidence shows him clearly not following the protocols, and neither the NFL, the Packers, the NFLPA, nor the government said anything about it.

He claims he has an allergy to a component in the vaccines and his doctor told him the risk was just as high if he took the vaccine or if he didn’t. Okay, that’s fine, then tell people the truth.

I’m not suggesting that the rules are good or bad. That’s for each person to decide. However, I will emphasize that the previous Administration, this Administration, the CDC, NIH and FDA have all made a mess of the messaging and policies regarding the virus.

For example, the same people who are in power now, vehemently refused to get the vaccine developed under the Trump administration, but now want to force everyone to get a vaccine they only began to support once they got elected. There is plenty doublespeak on this issue to go around, and the high-profile NFL, and Rodgers, have put themselves right in the middle of it.

What happens now? Remember the time Tom Brady got suspended over the inflation of footballs, also known as deflate-gate? The Patriots were fined $1 million, and Brady was suspended for 4 games. What kind of penalty, if any, is the league going to put on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? Wait, the league and the Packers knew about it all along. This looks like they all just decided to mislead everyone.

We live in a society that loves drama and hyperbole and this is like watching a melodrama on TV unfold episode after episode. Stay tuned, this one is going to be very interesting to watch!

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