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Managing COVID In 2022
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Managing COVID In 2022

Managing COVID In 2022

We are living in the era of COVID and it’s not likely to end. The coronavirus has ravaged people’s health, businesses and lives since it was first discovered over two years ago. What we’re seeing now is what we could have expected from the beginning.

We have reached a point of vaccines, natural immunity and therapeutics to manage the virus rather than being paranoid or fearful. Over 90% of the serious illnesses are among the unvaccinated who have multiple other health conditions. That leaves most people in a position to manage the virus rather than stop it. On a side note, the assertion by our political leaders and government scientists that we could actually stop the virus or end it was simply silly from the beginning. They should never have purported that. 

As people learn more and more about prevention and recovery, it is the people themselves who are making the biggest difference. Armed with testing, vaccines, boosters and natural immunity, people are beginning to manage the virus rather than even considering stopping it or having it come to an end.

A study of a group of friends reveals that they go about their daily lives pretty much as usual, attending gatherings, sporting events and other functions. They are sensitive to symptoms and where they are in proximity to other people to contact trace and take action. This is essentially what was needed from the beginning.

Out of 20 people in the group, 10 have tested positive in the past month. None have developed serious illness although all of them have had symptoms ranging from fever and headaches to cough and congestion. They all recovered in a few days with little time lost.

There still doesn’t seem to be an answer to “Why” 10 people in close proximity to all the positive cases, never tested positive or developed symptoms. What makes these people immune? That answer I thought would be a critical factor from the beginning of all this, and we still don’t have an answer.

Testing has been the key. This particular group tests themselves and monitors the people around them to trace where it is and was and what to do about it. They are all vaccinated. A regimen of vitamins, anti-inflammatories and hydration in used to treat the symptoms. Self-quarantine is practiced in all positive cases. Then, in a few days, back to normal.

This is what the future looks like for COVID-19, and what comes after that – the new strains, which are inevitable.


I can give you so many reasons why shutdowns are the worst choice in controlling the virus that it is too much to write here. Humans will find a way to congregate and socialize no matter what. When the structure of society gets shut down, the management of where people are and what they are doing is impossible. These are people. They will not be cooped up forever, but instead will figure out their own activities, which in turn will result in the opposite of what shutdowns are intended to do.

Political leaders who opt for shutdowns demonstrate how out of touch they are with real people. Life is short and people are not going to give up years of their lives because someone told them to. It’s just not a realistic solution. What is more productive is to encourage people to get vaccinated, teach people how to be responsible, test, trace and treat the illnesses caused by the virus. If you can’t get people to do those things, no government order is going to work.

Omicron in decline

As we are seeing across the globe, the omicron variant is in decline, as cases begin to fall off. That doesn’t mean there won’t be another variant to deal with. Learning to effectively deal with the virus is critical to living a normal life. If we have a consensus and unified approach to dealing with this virus, and the next one, we can live.

Let’s all hope our leaders have learned enough to develop the reasonable consistent strategies we need in order to survive and live with this virus, because it isn’t going away.

New Technology

How many people are even aware of the amazing vaccine technology that has been developed since the first coronavirus pandemic – SARS Coronavirus 1 or COVID-1. It has become almost an assembly line where they can, and we can as a society, sequence a virus and easily produce a vaccine. This is some pretty deep stuff, but it is important for people to understand the amazing advances made in the past 20 years. I have been a scientist for 40 years and worked in a virology lab. These advancements are amazing.

Sequencing viral RNA that produces the spike protein that allows the virus to be injected into human cells and replicate practically renders any virus ineffective at doing what viruses do to severely injure or kill people.  Viruses are designed to build an injection system, the spike proteins, to enter your cells and replicate. The RNA vaccines target that protein and alert your T-cells in a way to stop the virus before it can really get going on its mission.

The technology is brilliant and I encourage everyone to study it and learn about it because it will be a big part of our health future.

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