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COVID Variants Strategy
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COVID Variants Strategy

COVID Variants Strategy

We live in a country of 50 states, each with different data and leaders. Each state is broken down into local governments in counties and cities. The governments in each jurisdiction are many times very different. People in some of these criticize the others and scoff at the others. But, every official has to do what they think is the right way to handle a pandemic, or other crisis. Some will do better than others, and sometimes it’s sheer luck, either good or bad.

This is true for every decision they have to make from education to infrastructure. People do the best they can to make the “right” decisions. This is also true of COVID-19 and the variants we are experiencing.  And, there will be more.

With all the variety of decision making and efforts to live through COVID, we must understand that it isn’t going away, probably ever. It’s been two years and we are seeing the highest number of cases since the beginning. Doesn’t that tell everyone to get ready for the future, because it isn’t going away?

It can no longer be said it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, because most of the people testing positive are vaccinated. Some people knowledgeable of science intimate that omicron is nature’s way of making sure everyone is exposed and everyone develops immunity. The milder symptoms also make that a reasonable theory. Wasn’t the original thought that we had to get to “herd” immunity in order to defeat the virus?

With every disease we encounter, no matter if it’s heart disease or the common cold, we have strategies to deal with it. It takes time to develop such strategies. We are far enough down the road from the beginning of this that we should be developing reasonable consistent strategies to deal with it in the short and long-term.

I now know too many people who have been infected with delta or omicron to count them all, including myself. It’s no fun to be sick, that’s for sure. But, with that number of positive cases, it doesn’t appear any of them have been hospitalized or passed from COVID.

It is government that is saddled with the responsibility to create reasonable strategies for society. That’s why we have them, right? It is challenging, but we should see a coming together of thoughts in a consistent way before too long – and it’s already been too long.

The fact that leaders in science and government act like omicron is a surprise is deplorable. You don’t have to be a genius to know that viruses are going to mutate and create variants. This should have been on the front burner all along. Instead, it looks like they all got caught with their pants down. Even so, it adds more data and experience to grow from and to create strategies for success.

Let’s all hope our leaders have learned enough to develop the reasonable consistent strategies we need in order to survive and live with this virus, because it isn’t going away.

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