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COVID-19: We May Never See the End
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COVID-19: We May Never See the End

COVID-19: We May Never See the End

One thing we know is that COVID is not going away, in many ways. The virus is still a big deal and can cause illness and death. And, the media is still locked in on the scariest data to report. And, people are faced with trying to figure out the real situation, largely for themselves. You can spend hours going through all the reports, research and data available.

For example, the focus on breakthrough infections is alarming. Breakthrough infections happen with every vaccine, but the severity is much less and the death rate is incredibly small, in the case of COVID.

The CDC and the media focused on a group in Provincetown where 74% of the people there were vaccinated and tested positive in July. This changed the CDC guidance – almost an about face. What they failed to report was that this group was part of a larger group, as many as 60,000 people, who visited that area during and after the July 4th holiday. Also missing was that only 5 of those people required hospitalization, and none died.

Earlier this year, the data showed that the chance of hospitalization among vaccinated people was infinitesimally small – 0.0007%, and the chance of dying was even less – 0.00013%.  And, all those deaths were among people with average age of 82.

Viral load is the concern of governments and science across the globe. What this means is that even if you’re vaccinated you can have the virus in your nose to the point where even if you’re not sick from the virus, or show any symptoms, you can still spread the virus. This is where mask requirements are coming from for everyone, not just the unvaccinated.

Largely missing from the narrative is how viruses mutate. The more infections, and the more spread, the better chance that there will be more mutations. The longer this goes on, the chance that a mutation arises that is resistant to the current vaccine grows. Once that happens, who knows how or if we will be able to control it.

Vaccinated people have a very small chance of serious illness and even less chance of dying, yet they are being required to wear masks in order to protect the unvaccinated. At this point approximately 53% of eligible Americans are fully vaccinated and another 40 million have tested positive resulting in natural immunity.

If you add it up, we have an enormous amount of immunity, but even so, we may never get out of this. The number of unvaccinated people is so concerning to government and doctors they will continue to require all kinds of restrictions and masks until some undisclosed point where someone will declare herd immunity has been achieved, which no one will commit to.

The protracted affect on society is remarkable with shortages of labor, empty office buildings, and demands for more government assistance. This will continue until unvaccinated people get vaccinated. Who knows when or if that will ever happen.

The effect unvaccinated people have on themselves, their families and friends, everyone else and the whole country cannot be understated. What are they waiting for as they continue to put us all at risk?

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