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COVID-19 Vaccine Update, Plus Vitamin D
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COVID-19 Vaccine Update, Plus Vitamin D

As Spring arrives, and April showers, we are all looking forward to warm weather and beautiful flowers. Spending more time out of doors in the open is no doubt helpful for health and preventative for the transmission of the coronavirus.

Vitamin D is extremely important for the proper functioning of the human immune system. There is a lot of evidence that vitamin D is extremely important for your immune response to the coronavirus as well as many other inflammatory illnesses. Dr. Fauci stated early on that he takes something like 10 times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D.

Why this isn’t more broadly prioritized is confusing at best. Sunlight helps the body synthesize vitamin D, and with more sunlight, you should be better protected from the virus and mostly better able to fight it if you are infected.

If you eat a balanced diet, you should be receiving enough vitamin D to be sufficient, but it would not hurt you to increase your intake by supplementing with a multivitamin. In addition, because vitamin D is fat soluble, this could explain, at least partially, why obesity seems to be one of the main underlying conditions causing severe illness and death.  Because it is fat soluble, vitamin gets “stuck” in your fat cells. This requires you to increase your D intake.

Considering the latest trends, even though we are seeing an increase in cases and infections, we are not seeing increases in serious illness and deaths continue to decline. That is good news, and could be the result of better medications, and more vitamin D.

Scientific study of variants indicates that the current vaccines will protect you from the variants as well. As of April 3rd, the CDC reports that by June 29th, at the current pace, every adult in America will be vaccinated, if they want it.

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