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Children’s Vaccinations – Do the Math
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Children’s Vaccinations – Do the Math

Children’s Vaccinations – Do the Math

If you’re a normal human being in America, and you have children, the information and data coming from the government and news must be mind blowing. I can’t figure it out, can you? Find some data that makes sense, anywhere!

By the numbers, there are roughly 330 million people in this country – 258 million adults and 72 million children. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, 105,000 children have tested positive for COVID and since the beginning of the pandemic 1,190 have died. While no one wants a child to perish, it happens every day everywhere in the world, regardless of the COVID pandemic. The statistical conclusions are what they are.

By the numbers, the percentage of children dying from COVID is somewhere around 0.0017 percent. That’s right. That’s the percentage.

The typical flu season results in approximately 180-200 deaths in children. That is about 0.00028 percent.

Now, consider this. Each year about 15,700 children are diagnosed with cancer and approximately 1,790 will die from the disease. Cancer is the leading cause of death among children – more than the flu and COVID combined.

Another piece of information that would be nice to know is: How many children have already had COVID?

Well, like the rest of the fragmented and inaccurate data and opinions being thrown around, we do not know, and all there is, is a bunch of speculation. Why don’t we know? Whose running this operation?

Children generally do not even show symptoms of the virus so it’s not possible to rely on symptomatic patients to collect the data. What we need is rapid testing and rapid antibody testing. The US is far behind the rest of the developed world in providing this and there is almost no mention of it by the government or media. It is somewhat unbelievable that our government doesn’t have a better handle on this after 18 months of facing it.

And, the children who do become ill or perish are almost entirely those who have an underlying condition like diabetes, or cancer, etc.

Now, having said that, when we do more testing of children, do you think the number of cases will go up? Of course! And, the media and government will do the little “freak out” they always do with very little explanation of anything. And, the vast majority of those will have little or no symptoms except for those with underlying conditions.

If you do the math, there is very little chance of a normal child becoming very ill from COVID, and there is very little chance they will spread it to vaccinated people, and not a great chance they will spread it to vaccinated people, either.

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