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Olivier Pelletier, LMT, NCTMB
The Benefits of CORE Sessions
Core Bodywork at The Restorative Health

The Benefits of CORE Sessions

CORE Somatic Therapies consist of CORE myofascial therapy, a full-body, performance-oriented massage, and 10 region-specific sessions of CORE structural integration. Both focus on the relationships between the structure and function of the muscular (myo) and connective tissue (fascial) systems. 30, 60 and 90 minute CORE sessions are offered depending on your goals and concerns.
The 90-minute CORE session is a full-body myofascial treatment including the front line, lateral and posterior lines of the body, and the medial line of the leg. One side is worked at a time to maximize the clients awareness of the process. Half way through the session, clients provide feedback. Responses of feeling leaner, lighter, longer and noticeably more flexible, particularly in comparison to the more restricted side not yet worked on, are very common. At the end of the session, specific techniques are used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system in order to relax the client, bringing them back into a more focus state. What is important in a 90 minute CORE session is to focus your awareness on how you feel before, during and after the session. The increased awareness will continue to grow with the clients improved flexibility and range of motion.
The 60 minute CORE session, known as the “back specific”, focuses on the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. The whole spinal region is released, exacting a full-body change. Both sessions utilize similar techniques and end with parasympathetic system stimulation. The 60 minute CORE Massage is a full-body massage approach to CORE Myofascial Therapy, bringing the client to a deep state of relaxation. Myofascial techniques and Thai acupressure points are used in the 30 minute CORE Thai reflexology session. CORE structural integration is also an option. It is a 10 session full-body restructuring that realigns the body with gravity, freeing up any limitations. All sessions provide deep and meaningful benefits, which vary with your particular concerns.

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