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Betsy Paul
Surprising Benefits Of a Regular Yoga Practice
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Surprising Benefits Of a Regular Yoga Practice

<strong>Surprising Benefits Of a Regular Yoga Practice</strong>

Every year, yoga increases in popularity. The practice of yoga dates back to India 5,000 years ago; however, the practice has changed quite a bit since its inception. Here are some of the benefits in a nutshell: 

  1. Emotional Health Boost
  2. Back Pain Relief
  3. Improves Heart Health
  4. Reduces Insomnia
  5. Reduces Fatigue
  6. Boosts Memory
  7. Decreases Blood Pressure
  8. Helps Prevent Disease Through Massaging of Organs
  9. Strengthens the Immune System. 
  10. Helps to Increase Strength and Flexibility
  11. Improvement in Balance
  12. Improvement in Core Strength
  13. Reduces Stress
  14. Reduces Anziety
  15. Reduces Depression

These are just a few of a whole host of ways that your body and mind can benefit from a yoga practice. 

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