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Toni Greene, Owner
Senior Living: A Beautiful and Rewarding Time of Life
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Senior Living: A Beautiful and Rewarding Time of Life

Senior Living: A Beautiful and Rewarding Time of Life

Senior living is a beautiful thing. We have lived a long life, at least 62 years with more to come. As a senior, you get to enjoy your life in any capacity you see fit. You have worked long and hard, raised children, and retired from jobs and other places and organizations. And yet, you are still standing. You are a senior, and you now know the pleasure of living life because of the years you put in working. You can now live off the fruits of your labor that has afforded you your senior status.

What is important now is how you are living your remaining years. You want to have the comforts and the pleasures and the wellness of your desires and needs as seniors. We as seniors will continue to live life to the fullest.

As seniors, we know what is important. We know that we must maintain our health, wealth, and well-being. We are aware of the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the places we go. We have learned what is best for us. We know now what works for our body and our mind. We have lived with our bodies for 60+ years and we have a good idea as to how to care for and protect the body. We know the importance of exercising, meditating, eating healthy and whole foods as well as eating in moderation. We have learned to take things in stride.

Thank God, we no longer must hustle and bustle to maintain our lifestyle. We worked long and hard to acquire all that we have or don’t have. However, our thinking in our younger years has gotten us where we are today. As seniors, we are so happy to be alive and well and healthy, wealthy, and wise. We are aware that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are a result of our choices. Who we are, our life, and how we chose to live it.

The good thing about being a senior, and for some of us, a grandmother, a grandfather, a great grandmother, a great grandfather, even adopted grandmother and adopted grandfather, whatever, is that it is an honor and a blessing to be of age, to be able to assist the younger generation. To show them how to grow old and live healthy, wealthy, wise, and with consciousness. And oh, awareness! Thank God that we are seniors. Thank God that we are still living. Continue to live healthy, wealthy, and wise. Live, love, laugh, dance, travel, explore, date, even marry if that’s what you want. You are grown. You are good and grown. Do whatever you feel like, because you deserve it, because you are a senior. A master, a PhD in living the normal, everyday life.

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