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Sara Poldmae, LAc
Pediatric Acupuncture
Meadow Hill Wellness
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Pediatric Acupuncture

A lot of parents are really shocked when they learn that acupuncture is not only a safe form of treatment for their children, but a highly effective one too. Many assume their children will be afraid of the needles, and so they do not even consider using Oriental Medicine to help their children.

However, most children quickly get over their fear of acupuncture once they realize it is not painful, and for those who really are scared of the acupuncture needles, we use a wide breadth of modalities, so oftentimes, needles are not even necessary in our pediatric cases.

For adults and children alike, acupuncture yields extremely low risk of side effects, and often potent results, as the body seems to take or leave suggestions acupuncture offers; there are no unpredictable or harmful side effects, as is often common when one uses a medication.

Furthermore, children are miraculously sensitive, so very few needles are necessary to achieve great results with them, and if needles are used, they are inserted into the body more shallowly and for shorter periods of time.

For some children, instead of using needles, gentle medical massage is administered using a tiny toolkit, called “Shonishin.” Shonishin is a Japanese technique that is relaxing and in many instances, just as or more effective than acupuncture needles. As each child is different, we interpret which modality is most appropriate case by case, and we never force children to try something that is terrifying to them; more often than not, they quickly warm up to the idea of receiving acupuncture, because it can be a fun experience and it makes them feel better.

In addition to acupuncture, Chinese herbalism is another modality that is oftentimes extremely effective at helping pediatric ailments. Pediatric herbs are predesigned and formulated to be safe for children. While there are many ways to administer herbs, most children take their herbs via a tincture that can be mixed in applesauce or other food, and they won't even notice they are taking medicine.

Talk to your acupuncturist and attempt to have all of your questions answered so that you feel comfortable before taking your child for acupuncture; most parents' concerns are quickly assuaged once they see for themselves how non-invasive and truly effective it is for their children.

Our children deserve the best we have to offer, and this medicine has endured the test of time, because it really works.

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