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Olivier Pelletier, LMT, NCTMB
Move Fully Into the New Year
Core Bodywork at The Restorative Health

Move Fully Into the New Year

This is the time of the year when everyone hopes to make positive steps toward fulfilling their dreams, yet everyday situations that produce debilitating stress and restrictions can put a halt to this blossoming growth. Different therapies can be used as a remedy to these barriers, freeing otherwise deeply covered abilities.
CORE Somatic Therapy, a multi-phase system of deep tissue massage, which releases chronic pain, promoting better balance and posture and improved flexibility, is one such therapy. By providing heightened physical awareness, CORE Somatic Therapy increases self-reliance, the most important step to lasting change.
Choose from a one hour “back specific” to a full 10 session protocol of structural integration, a complete restructuring of the bodys relationship to gravity.
For those who are looking for deep relaxation, a highly effective therapy is CORE massage, which is a massage approach to myofascial therapy; or CORE Thai reflexology, a combination of Thai reflexology and myofascial techniques on the feet.
Whatever your concern, CORE Somatic Therapy can help you start this New Year literally off on the right foot. We wish you your best year yet.

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