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Donald Pelles, PhD
Hypnosis FAQ's
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Hypnosis FAQ's

Can everyone be hypnotized? All of us naturally go in and out of trance states every day without noticing or thinking about it daydreaming, watching TV or a movie, when we're engrossed in a book. When you use a trance state deliberately, that's hypnosis

If you want to be hypnotized, you can be. If not, you probably will not.

How does it feel to be hypnotized? Many people are surprised at how normal and natural hypnosis feels. You may feel tingly, light or heavy, warm or cool, expansive, strange, or none of these things. Some may not feel any different and may not even believe they are hypnotized.

Will I lose control in hypnosis? No. In hypnosis you are always in control. If something does not suit you, for any reason, you will ignore that suggestion and or even come out of trance completely.

Can hypnosis really make me stop smoking? If you want to stop smoking, hypnosis will enable you to align your unconscious with your conscious decision and enable your success. If you don't really want to stop; if, say, you are doing it for someone else, come back when you yourself are ready.

Can hypnosis help me lose weight? Through hypnosis you will build a new relationship with food and with yourself, transforming emotional and stress-related eating, strengthen your motivation to exercise, loving yourself and your body, without diets or feeling deprived. You empower your unconscious so that all of you, consciously and otherwise, are moving successfully in the direction of reaching your goal and maintaining it long-term.

Can hypnosis help with my pain? Yes, hypnosis can help. Our minds have the power to influence and modify our perceptions of the signals coming from our bodies. Through hypnosis, you will learn to use your mind to control the pain.

How can hypnosis help with surgery? Even one hypnosis session before surgery will allow you to remain calm, even serene during surgical preparations, to need less anesthesia during the operation, to minimize bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain afterwards, and to enable a rapid and complete healing.

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