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Susan Macey, CHC, CDP
Healthy Living Tips
Virginia Center For Health Integration

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy living is key to looking and feeling good. Follow these tips and you will begin to experience a difference in yourself.
1. The first tip is knowing that you have the power to choose. You have what it takes to make better choices for yourself. Becoming aware of how youre choosing is essential for creating better health. Food journaling about how youre feeling and what youre eating is a great way to bring awareness to what choices you are currently making.
2. Drink 64 ounces of water a day, thats 8 cups. An easy way to measure is to fill four pint bottles with water. Often my clients say that the larger water bottles or jugs are intimidating. Break it down for yourself, these small bottles of water are easy to carry and easy to drink. Remember to add a cup of water for every cup of caffeine.
3. Often clients will want that magic pill or recipe that will make them thin. Nothing exists on the market that will fill that bill. It is important to make movement a part of your life. Moving gets the blood moving and can help you look younger. Try to walk or do a mild aerobic workout three times a week. Then alternate and do two strenuous walks or aerobic workouts. Make sure you leave one day of rest. Defining mild and strenuous will depend on your current physical ability.
4. We cant expect to make good choices if we are tired all the time. Getting a good amount of sleep each night is key to functioning. During sleep your body recovers and heals. If your having trouble sleeping, create a bed time routine, take a bath, read or pray. Set your intention that sleep and dreaming are a priority just as going to work or making the kids lunches. Often poor nutrition or mineral deficiencies will cause people to experience sleep troubles.
5. Feeding your body wholesome food is the best place to start including nutrients in your diet. Eat according to your metabolic type ensuring you are using food as fuel for energy and for cellular regeneration. Nutritionally you should be getting enough medium chain fatty acids to counter act the other fats in your diet. Omega 3 is a nutrient that is lacking in the standard American diet. Seek professional help with decisions as to what supplements would be best for you. A hair analysis is a good way to determine what your body is lacking and what you need to do to create a better balanced body.
Finding and creating health and wellbeing is a journey in discovery. Each person experiences something different along the way. Getting support is an important part of creating wellness. Find a health counselor who can help to support you on your journey.
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