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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
Full Facial Rejuvenation The Liquid Facelift
Don Fontana, MD

Full Facial Rejuvenation The Liquid Facelift

There comes a time in everyone's life when you look in the mirror and don't recognize your face. Who is that person staring back? The face reminds you of your mother or father, but they were “old.” The face simply does not match the rest of the body and mind. Despite feeling youthful and being able to keep up with friends 20 years younger, time has caught up with you and your appearance simply is not you.

What are your options? #1. Mortgage your home, fly to L.A. and spend $50K on a total body makeover, or #2. Consider a less aggressive, more pleasant and much less expensive full facial rejuvenation close to home. Okay, where's the catch? The reality is that there is no catch. Plastic surgeons are approaching the aging process in stages, addressing subtle changes and improving upon them as they become more evident. Surgery is not the first step in most cases. Although surgery may be the best choice in some patients, it should not be the first consideration.

Facial aging involves physiologic changes common to everyone. Peri- and post-menopausal patients lose skin elasticity resulting in sagging with the creation of facial folds, primarily the folds from the nostrils to the mouth, and the fold from the edge of the lip to the jowl area (pre-jowl and marionette lines). As the skin thins, creases develop as a result of repeated muscle contraction in the forehead, eyebrow, crow's feet area and adjacent to the upper and lower lips.

The problem areas are the forehead creases, the “elevens” between the eyebrows, the creases of the crow's feet and the perioral lip creases. These skin creases are all a result of repeated, strong muscle movement. Relaxing and decreasing muscle movement/contraction will diminish the depth of the creases giving the facial skin a more youthful appearance. Botox is the most popular agent used for these conditions. Millions of Botox injections administered by skilled plastic surgeons are performed yearly with excellent results. A plastic surgeon knows facial anatomy and results are consistent and safe.

Facial folds involving the nasolabial area, marionette fold and pre-jowl area are filled with facial fillers. Juvederm is an excellent choice for areas where unrestricted, natural facial movement is important. A more firm filler lasting up to two years such as Voluma is suited for pre-jowl hollow bone areas. By using Botox judicially, Juvederm and Voluma selectively, a patient will have undergone the so-called, “liquid facelift” for full facial rejunvation.

Consider a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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